About the distillery tour

Reservations are required for distillery tours.

During the guided tour, our guides will provide information on the whisky production process and the history of Nikka. At the end of the tour, you can enjoy a complimentary tasting.

Distillery Closed
Year-end and New Year’s holidays
Free guided tours
Approximately 70 minutes.
For Reservations

The following facilities are available for use without reservations.
*For details, please refer to the access information.

Facilities Business hours
Visitor center / Reception 9:00~16:15
Gift shop, Tasting bar 9:15~16:30
(Last Call: 16:15)
Warehouse 9:00〜16:15
Access FAQ


Main gate

Visitor center / Reception

Please come to the reception to start a distillery tour. You can learn production process of whisky and Nikka's history here.

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Main gate

Kiln tower

A facility to dry germinated barley with peat smoke and make malt. This is not in use today, but remains as a symbol of the distillery with its distinctive Pagoda roof.

Main gate

Mash house / Wash house

Mashing and fermentation occur here. Wort is made in a mash tun and fermented for about 72 hours to become wash. The wash is transferred to distillation process.

Main gate

Still house (Pot stills)

The wash is distilled twice in pot stills. Miyagikyo's pot stills are heated by indirect steam and extract distinctive light and elegant malt whisky.

Main gate


New-make whisky is filled into casks for a long maturation period. You can see different cask types as well as how the color and aroma of the whisky change during the maturation.

Main gate

Gift shop, Tasting bar

Distillery limited editions, sweets using Nikka’s liquor, and items to enjoy whisky are available at the shop. In addition to free tastings after the guided tours, paid tastings of various products are available.

Vatting house

Still house (Continuous Coffey stills)

Grain whisky made predominantly from corn is distilled here. Traditional Coffey stills, adopted in the 1960's, produce mellow whisky with rich flavor originating from ingredients.