Tour information on our whisky distilleries

Go to "How to Access our
Tour Guides" shown below
using your smartphone or
tablet device.
The facilities are placed in
the sequence of the tour that
the tour guides take you through.
Select a facility and tap
"Read Description" to see details.
Select a facility you would like
to visit from the Distillery Map
and tap "Read Description" to
see more details.

How to use the Distillery Map

It is very dangerous to walk using a smartphone. Please stop when using.

You can zoom the map in/out
by pinching the screen as
shown in the picture above.

You can shift the display
area by moving your finger
left or right on the screen.

You can open the menu
by tapping the icon
circled in red.

How to Access our Tour Guides
Scan the QR codes on the left with your smartphone or tablet device or
open a browser and type