Access to the Yoichi Distillery

<Notice of Distillery Tours>

・Guided tours only, with prior reservation. Visitors without prior reservation will be refused admission.
・Self-guided tours continue to be suspended.
・Groups of 10 or more people and groups visiting by chartered bus will be refused admission.
・Reservation availability and number of guests allowed in the distillery will be restricted.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

At Latitude 43.2°N
The harsh and rich nature in the north
satisfying everything needed for whisky making

Masataka Taketsuru, the first Japanese who mastered whisky making in Scotland, valued the climate and natural features of the north. Yoichi, the place chosen by Masataka was close to the sea, surrounded by mountains on three sides and in many ways similar to Highland in Scotland. A cold climate with an appropriate humidity, crisp clean air and fresh water - everything necessary for his ideal whisky was available. The proximity to the sea is one of the distinctive features of Yoichi. The sea breeze gives a briny hint to the whisky during the maturation.


Direct coal-fired distillation
The tradition inherited from the foundation

Masataka set a pot still using direct coal-fire when he built the Yoichi Distillery. This still was similar to pot stills at Longmorn Distillery where Masataka had the first practical training in Scotland. This traditional coal-fired distillation is hardly seen today as it is difficult to control temperature and requires highly skilled craftsmen. However, the distillation process at Yoichi has remained very traditional to this day. The characteristics of Yoichi Single Malt such as boldness and toasty burnt flavors are unique features of this distillation.


Access to the Yoichi Distillery

Closed over the New Year’s holiday and during distillery shutdowns.
*Some of which are not scheduled in advance.

New Year’s Holiday
From December 23 to January 7

Facilities Business hours
Nikka Museum 9:15〜15:30
[Tasting Bar] (Last Call: 16:00)
Distillery shop 9:15〜15:30
Rita's Kitchen
*Restaurant closed
31st August


Kurokawacho 7-6, Yoichicho,Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido 046-0003


Requests for visitors

For sanitary reasons, please refrain from bringing in food and drinks. Pets are not permitted inside the distillery property. Please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages if you have come by car or bicycle. Smoking is not allowed in the distillery.


About tour

How many people can make a reservation for a tour?
Is it possible to book for just one person?
Can children join the tour as well?

We accept tour reservations for groups ranging from 1 to 9 people. Children are also welcome to join the tour, so please include them in your reservation. Unfortunately, groups of 10 or more visitors and groups visiting by chartered bus will be refused admission.

Are there any facilities that can be enjoyed without a tour?

Gift shop, restaurant, and Nikka Museum are free to use. However, if you plan to join a guided tour, please note that the entrance and exit may differ. For more information, please refer to the access page.

Is there a cost to visit the distillery?

Distillery tours are free of charge.

Can I taste whisky?

Visitors who participate in free guided tours can taste three types of whisky, one glass each.
The restaurant and museum's paid tasting bar are available without reservation.

Can I take photos and videos during the tour?

You are free to take photos during the guided tour. However, please refrain from video recording or audio recording during the tour.

When are you closed?

We are open except for the New Years holidays and equipment inspection days. For details, please check the distillery page or contact the distillery directly.
Nikka Whisky Inquiry

Is it possible to tour with a stroller or wheelchair?

Yes, it is possible.
However, it is not recommended during the winter due to snow.

Is it possible to visit multiple times on the same day?

We apologize for the inconvenience, we can only accommodate each course once per person on the same day.

Do you conduct tours in foreign languages?

Guided tours are available only in Japanese.
However, we have English notations on exhibits and pamphlets, as well as audio guides.

Is it possible for the hearing-impaired to take the tour?

Yes. Please make a reservation in advance by email, as we have some information we would like to confirm and communicate.

About reservation

Do I need to make a reservation to visit the distillery? Can I visit without making a reservation?
Can I make a reservation on the day of the tour?

Please make a reservation in advance. We accept reservations by phone or online.
Guided tours: 1 to 9 people If there are vacancies on the day, we can guide you, but please call us to confirm.
The facilities that can be viewed without a reservation are the museum, restaurant, and distillery shop.

When do reservations open?

Reservations will be open on the 15th of every month for the following month.
Example: Released on May 15th → Accepting reservations for June 1st to June 30th.

What should I do if I change the number of people or cancel? When is the deadline for cancellations?

You can change or cancel your reservation online until 12 noon the day before the tour. We also accept cancellations by phone. If you need to change or cancel on the day of the tour, please contact us by phone. Please note that if you cancel after 12 noon the day before the tour or the lunch course, cancellation fees may apply.

How do I change or cancel my reservation online?

You can make changes by clicking on the "Change/Cancel Reservation" button at the top of the reservation application page. Please follow the instructions on the screen to make changes.
You will need the "reservation number" and "password" provided on the reservation completion screen and in the reservation completion email.

When are the telephone reception hours?

It is from 9:00 to 16:15.

Can I wait for a cancellation?

We do not accept waitlist for cancellations

About visit

Is there a parking lot?
Is there a bicycle parking lot?

Yes, we have them available. However, individuals who drive cars or motorcycles, arrive by bicycle, that are under 20 years old, or are pregnant or nursing cannot sample alcoholic beverages. We have soft drinks available.

Is there a shuttle bus service?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but there is no shuttle bus service.

Is there a place to store my luggage?

We have free coin lockers available. However, the number of lockers are limited, so please notify the receptionist if they are all in use.

Is there a smoking area?

The entire premises are designated as non-smoking.

Can I bring pets?

Due to hygiene management as a whisky distillery, please refrain from bringing pets. However, service dogs are exempt from this restriction.

Can I bring my own lunch or snacks?

Due to hygiene management as a whisky distillery, please refrain from bringing food items.


What should I do if I want to conduct interviews or research surveys?

We will answer your inquiry after learning the details. Please contact here.
Nikka Whisky Inquiry

Are there any dining facilities?

We have a restaurant on the premises.

Do you sell Nikka-produced alcoholic beverages and distillery-exclusive products at the shop? Can I call to check the availability of products on the day of my visit?

We sell major Nikka-produced alcoholic beverages and a few types of distillery-exclusive products at the gift shop. However, production quantities are limited and restocking periods are irregular, so products may be out of stock. We appreciate your kind understanding for not providing information about stock availability.