To change tasting services at the tasting hall.

In order to reinforce countermeasures for driving under the influence, and drinking by minors, as well as to promote appropriate alcohol consumption practices, starting on Sunday, January 8, 2017. The procedure is outlined below.

How to apply

[Groups arriving on tour buses and other groups with 11 or more people]

  1. A representative of the group fill out a tasting application form at the tour reception at the distillery’s front gate.
  2. You receive “Tasting Cards” in exchange for this application.
  3. At the tasting hall, guests served tasting beverages in exchange for their Tasting Card.

[Non-group guests]

  1. Please enter your information on a tasting application form (used as a Tasting Card) there is in the distillery.
  2. At the tasting hall, guests serve tasting beverages in exchange for their tasting application form.
  • * Drinking alcohol can only person have a tasting card.
  • * A one-glass limit applies for each type of alcoholic beverage.
  • * No Tasting Card is required for tasting non-alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic beverages available for tasting

  • Taketsuru Pure Malt

  • Super Nikka

  • Apple Wine